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20|20 photographic inc offers you a large  variety of pictoral or graphic styles as detailed below and on our home page.


We no longer offer printing services unless it is by special request for certain products such as; custom designed posters or studio portraits or photo artwork.


We have found over time that the majority of clients prefer to download the digital photo file and then they are free to share it by email, print it out themselves or have it printed elsewhere.  For this reason, we offer a single “full” digital file size to suit all possible client printing needs (i.e. the right resolution for their photo prints).


We remind our clients, however, that a digital photo isn’t just “pixels” but it is our creation, our art and the photo has been planned, captured and edited by us until it looks exactly as we envisioned it.  This file is print-worthy as is.  We take great pride in our work and only offer the best photographs as digital files.


By releasing a digital file to a client, we relinquish control of our work.  What changes are made to the files are now beyond our reach.  Alteration of the file could lessen the quality of the original file so always make a duplicate of the original file photo.

purchase digital images

We offer “one size fits all” digital files to accommodate a wide range of your photo printing needs as follows:

  • 5 x 7 

  • 8 x 10

  • and 18 x 24” prints

Gord also supplies the season's best photos of your player on a disk or stick for a single negotiated price (as in years past).  Please call or email Gord to arrange this. 

20|20 photo samples

Click on the service categories to activate a slide show sampling of photographs by 20|20 Photographic.  Full screen photos will demonstrate

Gord's talent and perspective.