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Household or Business Insurance

Ok, take a moment and look around you, just the room you are in right now. OK, now lets take a quick walk through your house both inside and out. You will probably be surprized at all the stuff you have collected over the years, in some cases you may find yourself questioning a couple of those purchases. Now close your eyes and image that it was all gone, all your possessions, all your records, family heirloom, artwork, family photos, tools, jewelry and yes, some of those questionable purchases as well -  ALL GONE.This happens to far too many people through fire, theft, vandalism, natural disasters to name just a few. Are you confident that you will remember everything you lost? Are you confident that you had sufficent insurance coverage to protect you? Are you prepared for the endless questions, paperwork and conversations that you and your insurance agent are going to have? Not to mention that most insurance policies require to have a detailed list of your insured possessions or you may be in violation of your insurance agreement. OK, open your eyes,,, sorry didn't mean to scare you. Let's see what we can do to give you back that piece of mind so in the event of a personal loss so you and your loved ones are a little more perpared.

It is also worth noting that some insurance copies do offer a rate reduction or rebate for clients that have completed an inventory of this nature. Check with your insurance provider for further details.

Ok, you have my attention. How does it work?

A representative of 20/20 will come to your home or business and record both an overview of the room as well as each individual item with the use of a digital camera and an HD video recorder. The customer may also choose to have critical documents scanned and kept on file in a jpeg format. The customer and the representative then sit down and review each item/photo making notes regarding the items value, location, description, make/model/serial number, where and when it was purchased, etc. Once this information is entered into the inventory program, a computer generated report will be printed which will give you a detailed list of all the inventoried items complete with color photos of the item and all the details that were collected at the time of the intitial visit to the home or business. The report will also generate a detailed list of item, it's value and a total of the inventory. This can help determine if you have sufficient insurance coverage or plan for your personal needs.

What do I get in the final package once you finish?

In approx two weeks the customer will receive the final inventory package. The package will include two color printed inventory reports, two detailed listings and two DVD's which will contain a copy of the final inventory report, a copy of all the photos taken at the time of the intitial visit and a copy of the HD video that was taken on the inventory visit.

What happens to the information you collect from the inventory once you have completed the final report?

Good question. All the information collected is deleted from the digital and video cameras immediately after it is transfered to the computer used to create the inventory package. Once the inventory package has been created, all the information is stored in an encrypted offsite location for a two year period. This information can only be recalled by the owner of 20/20 Inventory Services and only with the encyripted password and Client ID#. Once that is completed the information, all photos, videos and the final inventory report are deleted from the computer the report was generated on. No information is stored onsite.

What does a client have to do to prepare for this inventory process? And what about the day of the process?

Not much.

  • We would ask that all areas that we need to photograph and video record are accessible.
  • It is not nesseccary to spend allot of time cleaning and organizing the areas we are going to record as the information collected is just for your records. Hopefully, you will never have to use it.
  • Please have any jewellry, family heirlums, receipts or documents you wished to have scanned available to us at the time of the visit. As well, assure specific that have importance to you that are stored away are not forgotten. For example we would not usually record a closet full of clothes, but you may have some particular articles that should be included in the inventory report, please assure we are aware of it.
  • Lastly, for your piece of mind and ours, please tour the house or business with us. This way you have the comfort level you should have, there is less chance of us missing something and we hate getting lost.

OK, I see the importance of this. Is there anything else these documents could be used for?

You bet.

Estate Planning

Most people today have a "Will" that covers the major things in their lives like, property, financies, vehicles and some higher end prize possessions. But more often that not, it is the little things that cause family arguements and hurt feelings. In most cases this is an oversight. One of the great features of this program is the ability to indicate who the client would like to leave items to based on the items listed in the final inventory report. Each item has a space to name an "heir" to be left to. This feature can be filled out after the report is delivered to the client and administrated by the executor of the estate. This also assures that all items are accounted for.

However, it should be noted that this document does not superside a "will" and is not a legal document if presented in court. It is designed with the intent to assist the client with their last wishes regarding some personal items not covered in the will. It would be the duty of the executor of the estate to carry out these wishes to the best of their ability.

Renting or Selling Your Home or Purchasing a Business?

This report can be used to indicate the condition of the property and furnishings you are renting or selling prior to the new tenants or owners taking over. It can also be used to detail the property, location, assests and condition for the potential sale or purchase of an existing business.

Lifestyle Changes

OK, let's face it. In the world today prenupual agreements and separation/divorce agreements are just part of the game. A detailed inventory of this nature can assist with the division of personal and joint assests which were aquired previous to or during a relationship.

Got it. I see the value in the service. How do I get more information and how much does it cost?

For more information give us a call at (780) 490-8045 or an e-mail at

As for the cost, it of course vary according to the size of the house. In the case of a business, it would depended largely on the number of items that need to be inventoried.

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Nov. 2011
20/20 Photographic did a quick turn around for our football team roster shots and team photo and they took the time to include our cheerleading team.  Each girl was able to perform a stunt for their individual photo.  Thanks, Gord!
Dawnelle Lea,
Pres., Ardrossan Bisons Football

Testimonials continued

Oct. 2011,
Gord Mellor is a great sports action photographer.  His photo highlights of Huskies games were eagerly awaited by the players and quickly loaded up to the website for all to admire.
Bob Bula,
Exec. Director, Edmonton Huskies

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