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Gord Mellor (Owner/Operator)

Thanks for taking the time to visit this section of the website. I was born and raised in Regina a long time ago,,, a long, long time ago. The earth was not in the cooling stage but not long after that. I had an interest in photography for long as I can remember and took several classes through the then, W.I.A.A.S. I spent a couple of years working under a gentlemen by the name of Al (sorry the last name escapes me), who was without question one of the most miserable S.O.B’s I have ever met, but he knew his stuff. In his world there were two types of criticism, “bad” and “real bad”. If you could get past the verbal beating you stood to learn a lot. Al’s specialty was the more formal, studio wedding and portrait photography.

I also mentored with Robert (Bob) Watson. Bob was a photojournalist with the London Free Press and The Regina Leader Post before he retired and opened his own company. Bob is the one that pushed me more into the sports and event type photography, while at the same time, the more non-traditional type of wedding photography. You know the wedding party not only in front of the fountain but “in it” as well. We still stay in contact on a regular basis discussing allsorts of photography topics and techniques. I keeping telling him that I have become a better photographer then him but he will argue that point with me to his dieing day,,, but since it this my biography, he looses. Truth be known, I wish I knew half of what he has forgotten,,, but we won’t tell him that. 

I believe that if you're not having fun, "go home" and I try to apply this to the images I shoot. 
Now standing on a poorly lit football field, as the thermometer slowly drops and you can actually see the rain turn to snow or shooting a wedding in a downpour when the weather channel called for “sunny skies”, is not my idea of “fun”, but stepping out of the box to create that special memory is something I believe in.

Gord Mellor

Ken Hutchinson (Associate Photographer)

My interest in photography started in the late 70's.  I was doing double & triple exposures with film, which was really novel at the time.  Waiting for 10 days or more to see if you've captured something really special or something ready for the waste can is exciting.

In the early eighties the priority became raising kids, and with that the need to work full time and then some. There wasn't time or money left over to pursue photography.

But alas with the kids leaving the nest, I've again rediscovered photography.  Luckily while toying around with the new generation of digital camera's, I met Gord.  Gord has a real love for the art, and I've had the pleasure of learning much from him.

A lot of what we do is sports photography, which is probably some of the most difficult photos to take well. Difficult technically, and financially do to the expense of equipment.  But when you nail a high speed photo, in dim lighting, it's a bit like making the perfect golf swing; it makes you want to keep coming back.

Ken Hutchinson



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Nov. 2011
20/20 Photographic did a quick turn around for our football team roster shots and team photo and they took the time to include our cheerleading team.  Each girl was able to perform a stunt for their individual photo.  Thanks, Gord!
Dawnelle Lea,
Pres., Ardrossan Bisons Football

Testimonials continued

Oct. 2011,
Gord Mellor is a great sports action photographer.  His photo highlights of Huskies games were eagerly awaited by the players and quickly loaded up to the website for all to admire.
Bob Bula,
Exec. Director, Edmonton Huskies

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